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Ergot-containing drugs have been reported to cause prolonged vasospastic reactionsBecause there is a theoretical basis that these effects may be additiveuse of ergotamine-containing or ergot-type medicationslike dihydroergotamine or methysergideand rizatriptan within 24 hours is contraindicatedDue to an additive effectthe concomitant use of rizatriptan and ergotamine/ergot derivativesincluding methysergideincreases the risk of coronary artery vasoconstriction and hypertensive effectsThis combination is contraindicated.

The undesirable effects observed with the administration of rizatriptan are dizzinesssomnolenceparaesthesiaheadachehypaesthesiadecreased mental acuitytremorhot flushes/flashespharyngeal discomfortdyspnoeapalpitationtachycardiapaintightness/pressure and/or heavy sensation in the chestneckthroat or jawregional heavinesspain in locations unspecifieddry mouthnauseavomitingdiarrhoeaflushingsweatingand asthenia/fatigue.

Although the abuse potential of rizatriptan has not been specifically assessedno abuse oftolerancetowithdrawal fromor drug-seeking behaviour was observed in patients who received rizatriptan in clinicaltrials or their extensionsThe 5-HT 1B/1D agonistsas a classhave not been associated with drug abuse.

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